Ice Cream Sculptures

Continuing our foods of NY vacation series…

On Thursday I took my children to the Momofuku Milk Bar in Midtown Manhattan. We liked it so much that today we went to the one on the Upper West Side. Jasper (the 7-year-old) had cereal milk ice cream, which, I admit, I do not find appetizing, and Berend (the 9-year-old) had pink lemonade ice cream, which is more my style. The guava-horchata at the Midtown location is still my favourite, though. And the marshmallow cornflake cookies. I could live on those, or the crack pie.

The Milk Bar serves its ice cream in little paper cups, with a small wooden ice cream spoon. Berend, ever the artist, decided to sculpt his ice cream as he ate. this is what he came up with.

No, I don’t know what it is either. Maybe I should have a contest to figure it out.

Jasper got into ice cream sculpting too. He says he wants to go into training to become a professional, though instead of using a wooden spoon, he intends to sculpt exclusively with his tongue.



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