Brown Butter Hand Tarts with Gingered Autumn Fruit

It’s time for my version of the September #baketogether recipe. Check out the original version here: brown butter apple hand tarts.

I got excited about this dough the moment I saw the recipe. Once I made it, and tasted it I knew it was true love. It is so good. It was a wonder any of it lasted long enough to be baked. I kept sneaking pieces.

For this go around I made the recipe exactly as Abby posted it, but it did give me ideas, and I look forward to playing around with it a bit and trying them out.

With four trees in my back yard, I have no shortage of apples a the moment, but I didn’t want to replicate the entire recipe as written, so I mixed up the fruit a bit. Instead of two apples, I used one, plus three Italian plums, a handful of grapes, and 1/3 of a cup of chopped, candied ginger. Otherwise I followed the recipe as written.

Well, almost as written. I pulled out a cookie cutter and opted to make round tarts instead of rectangular ones.

The fruits were ones I happened to have on hand, and the ginger was a special nod to Abby, who loves ginger, and this recipe just seemed to cry out for it.

Given that I made so few changes to Abby’s recipe, I won’t retype it, but you can find it here. To make my version all you need to do is follow the fruit substitutions above.


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