Skeleton Bones

Family tradition dictates that we have a major Halloween celebration every October during which 30 or 40 costumed children run screaming through my house, playing games, making crafts, and loading up on candy and other snacks.

The other snacks traditionally include hot dogs, chili, squash soup, hard boiled spider eggs, salsa, guacamole, kale chips, a poppy seed encrusted cheese ball, black Kool-Aid, a chocolate fountain, a Jell-O gummy worm pie…

… various cupcakes and cookies, like these floating eyeball cauldrons…… and my personal favourite it-wouldn’t-be-a-party-without-them skeleton bones.I love them so much I’m going to show you two pictures. Here is what they look like all piled up in a bowl.Every year the party is wild, every year it is fun, and every year something else unexpected happens. For example, this year we discovered what happens when you jam a toothpick into the intake valve of the chocolate fountain. It explodes. It becomes volcanic. It spews melted chocolate everywhere.

Skeleton bones are very simple to make. Too simple for a formal recipe, really. You need three ingredients: miniature marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and white chocolate. I will leave you to figure out the rest from the photos, while I head back to the kitchen to continue scrubbing bits of chocolate off my appliances.



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