Christmas Snickerdoodles

Day 1 of the Christmas Cookie Countdown is an old standby. I added this recipe to my repertoire 28 years ago or so and I have been making it ever since.

It is easy to put together, looks beautiful, and everyone loves it. What more could you ask for? The recipe! You got it.

Christmas Snickerdoodles are, essentially snickerdoodles (you will find my recipe for them here) with two important adjustments: 1) instead of 1 T. cinnamon, use 2 tsp. nutmeg, and 2) use red and green sugar to roll the cookies in instead of white.

Those of you who read my original snickerdoodle post will remember that these are Jasper’s favourite cookie. He helped me make a batch yesterday. Here’s a photo of the dough, rolled into balls and ready to go into the oven. Don’t they look pretty?

Christmas Snickerdoodles

Christmas Snickerdoodles


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