Vanilla Valentine Pot de Creme

It’s time for the February #Baketogether. This month its vanilla pot de creme, which happens to be one of my favorite desserts. I think I will have to post multiple entries for this one.Vanilla Valentine Pot de Creme

My first, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is vanilla bean pot de creme with fig and walnut wine preserves, and a caramelized almond heart. You will find the recipe for the pot de creme on Abby’s website. I followed it pretty much as given, except that I used half heavy cream and half whole milk in place of the half and half.

Once baked and chilled, I topped it with a spoon of fig and walnut wine preserves from Vista d’Oro, which you should immediately purchase because nobody’s life is complete without them. I topped the preserves with heart shaped caramelized almonds.

To caramelize almonds, place slivered almonds and sugar in a heavy-bottomed pot. Heat them, stirring constantly, until the sugar melts, and turns golden brown. Quickly drop spoonfuls of the caramelized almond onto parchment or foil, and spread them into heart shapes. How many almonds? As many as you want. How much sugar? enough to coat the almonds.


1 thought on “Vanilla Valentine Pot de Creme

  1. Love the addition of the fig and walnut wine preserves! I definitely need to pick some of that up because my mind is already spinning with ways to use it. And those almond hearts, are just the perfect finishing touch. Great idea!

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